New assignments will be posted every Wednesday and the discussion will continue through Tuesday. End of day on Tuesday the previous week’s discussion thread will close and the discussion will move to the new assignment. I will be monitoring the discussion throughout the week and adding comments and instruction as we go. I encourage you to comment and ask for clarification as well.   ~ Wendy




Video Summary

Your assignments this week are as follows. Do your assignments and post the answers in the forum. Remember to cite your source. We’ll comment and discuss in the forum.

Next Wednesday, I’ll post a video summary.


If your last name starts with B, A, D, E, or F

  1. What dermatome level is at the knee?
  2. At what stage of anesthesia does the patient no longer move or open their eyes?
  3. What cranial nerve are you assessing when you look at pupil constriction in response to light?
  4. What is the definition of anemia?
  5. What is the most common type of emboli after a long bone procedure?


If your last name starts with C, G, I, J, or K

  1. What medications should be avoided with Von Willebrand’s disease?
  2. What are the post op instructions after a D&C?
  3. The patient had a complicated hysterectomy and is complaining of inner thigh numbness post operatively. What possible complication does the nurse suspect?
  4. What special care would you take when doing patient teaching for an Aspergers patient?
  5. The TURP patient has bloody urine and flank bruising. How does the perianesthesia nurse respond?


If your last name starts with S, L, N, O, or P

  1. How do you position a patient with compartment syndrome in the left leg?
  2. Can you accept an admission coming out from the OR when your other patient is a six year old resting with a parent at the bedside?
  3. What is this rhythm and what do you anticipate doing for this patient:
  4. You ask the patient to pinch the pinky and the thumb together and you pull to try to separate them. You are assessing what two nerves?
  5. Why should a surgical patient stop taking Ginger as an herbal supplement two weeks prior to surgery? 


If your last name starts with H, Q, R, T, or U

  1. Which is the primary choice for epidurals in pregnant women? Ropivacaine, Bupivacaine, Lidocaine, Mepivacaine?
  2. Should a patient with Parkinson’s disease hold their Levodopa on the day of surgery? Explain
  3. What would be the best block for shoulder surgery?
  4. After a thyroidectomy you touch the patient’s cheek, and it twitches. What does that indicate? What is it called?
  5. Pt has had entrapment decompression … how do u assess the ulnar nerve?


If your last name starts with M, V, W, X, Y, or Z

  1. What are post op teaching for pt after removal of esophageal polyp?
  2. What are the discharge instructions after bilateral mastectomy?
  3. Can a patient have TXA prior to an arthroscopy?
  4. What is the first thing the nurse does when preparing for transcutaneous pacing?
  5. How long should you tell a patient who regularly takes Garlic as a supplement to hold prior to surgery?

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