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Your assignments this week are as follows. Do your assignments and post the answers in the forum. Remember to cite your source. We’ll comment and discuss in the forum.

Next Wednesday, I’ll post a video summary.


If your last name starts with B, A, D, E, or F

  1. What are the triggers for Sickle Cell Crises that should be avoided during surgery?
  2. What is the normal CPP?
  3. Explain how to use STOP-BANG and what it is for.
  4. The 3-month-old arrives in the PACU with a HR of 48. How does the nurse respond?
  5. In reference to educating the patient. Why should you use PRECEDE with children?


If your last name starts with C, G, I, J, or K

  1. The TB patient has been receiving Rifampin for 2 weeks before surgery. How is the patient treated in PACU?
  2. How long after oral surgery can the patient swish/ rinse his or her mouth?
  3. What might cause hypotension related to a spinal block?
  4. How often do you check the temperature for your patient who arrives from the OR with an initial temp of 96.0 degrees F temporal?
  5. A 32 y.o. female is s/p D&C after a miscarriage. Her blood type is A-. What is important to remember to give to this patient??


If your last name starts with S, L, N, O, or P

  1. Why would the physician prescribe acetazolamide?
  2. The post mastoidectomy patient’s neuro checks should include assessment of what three Cranial nerves and how do you assess these?
  3. A patient is having surgery and reports a strong family history of reactions to anesthesia, what would you suspect this patient suffers from?
  4. What is the staffing ratio for the nurse caring for a patient in isolation?
  5. What might cause hypotension related to a spinal block? 


If your last name starts with H, Q, R, T, or U

  1. During the follow up phone call the patient reports blood in the urine and an urge to urinate after her Cysto. What would you advise?
  2. What would you tell the patient receiving tropicamide prior to cataract surgery to expect after the drops are administered?
  3. The patient has had an ulnar entrapment decompression. How do you assess the ulnar nerve?
  4. What medication should you avoid in patients with Muscular Dystrophy?
  5. What is the post op teaching for a patient after removal of an esophageal polyp?


If your last name starts with M, V, W, X, Y, or Z

  1. Post Left total knee arthroplasty, the patient’s left foot is numb and tingling. The patient is experiencing foot drop. What nerve does the perianesthesia nerve suspect is injured?
  2. What is the difference between Malignant Hyperthermia and a Thyroid Storm?
  3. A patient received a supraclavicular block and is now complaining of loss of vision in one eye, what is your first action.
  4. Your patient is on Methadone. What do you expect in PACU? To use Opioids, Avoid Opioids, Give Narcan?
  5. What would you expect to give to a patient with Myasthenia Gravis preoperatively to prevent excess surgical bleeding?

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