New assignments will be posted every Wednesday and the discussion will continue through Tuesday. End of day on Tuesday the previous week’s discussion thread will close and the discussion will move to the new assignment. I will be monitoring the discussion throughout the week and adding comments and instruction as we go. I encourage you to comment and ask for clarification as well.   ~ Wendy




Video Summary


Your assignments this week are as follows. Do your assignments and post the answers in the forum. Remember to cite your source. We’ll comment and discuss in the forum.

Next Wednesday, I’ll post a video summary.  


If your last name starts with B, A, D, E, or F

  1. What are complications for the patient to report after rhytidectomy?
  2. What are the dosing and side effects of sodium citrate in the elderly?
  3. What is the dosing and side effects of Toradol in the elderly?
  4. Explain the home treatment for cryotherapy for knee surgery.
  5. 4 year that was wild on arrival and versed po was ordered…… A. do you have parent hold them down, B. give child choice of po or IM, C. call md for changing the po order to IM?


If your last name starts with C, G, I, J, or K

  1. What discharge instructions would you give a patient after an axillary block?
  2. What type of learning strategy is kinesthetic learning?
  3. Why would Naltrexone be held prior to surgery?
  4. Explain the interaction between Demerol and MAOIs.
  5. What is the dose for Narcan in a child and what is it for an adult?


If your last name starts with S, L, N, O, or P

  1. When a patient is being resuscitated, what do you do with the family?
  2. Who makes the decision to fast track a patient?
  3. If preoperatively, a patient tells you they had AUA what do you do?
  4. Your patient requests an LMA because he is a singer and does not want to be intubated. He has HTN, a BMI of 55, and a beard. Which of these is the contraindication to his request?
  5. How do you tape an NG tube for your patient with Alzheimer’s? 


If your last name starts with H, Q, R, T, or U

  1. What are the effects of hypothermia in the elderly?
  2. What category of medication is contraindicated during an MH crisis?
  3. What medication do you expect to give after delivery to your Rh negative mom?
  4. What happens if you give metoclopramide to a Parkinson’s patient?
  5. Interpret and explain possible cause/treatment for this ABG: pH 7.35, CO2 33, HCO3 19


If your last name starts with M, V, W, X, Y, or Z

  1. Pt has dependent bruising from OR on their back and has petechiae and purpura. What does the nurse suspect?
  2. What is most appropriate for your patient with a history of sickle cell anemia? Give a vasoconstrictor, Give a vasodilator, use a blood fluid warmer.
  3. What is most appropriate for your patient with partial thickness burn? Keep the room temperature at 65 degrees, provide warm blankets, place room temperature IVF at maintenance rate.
  4. When you’re fitting somebody for crutches, what should be the degree the elbow is bent when resting their hands on the hand grips?
  5. What lab abnormality would cause a peaked peaked T wave in lead II? What would cause the T wave to flatten?

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