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Video Summary

Your assignments this week are as follows. Do your assignments and post the answers in the forum. Remember to cite your source.

At the end of the week, I’ll post a video summary.  


If your last name starts with B, A, D, E, or F

  1. What nerve damage is most likely in supine position?
  2. Why is it important to maintain normothermia in a surgical patient?
  3. Explain the difference and significance between chemical indicators and biological indicators.
  4. How to sterilize heavy items like drills? a. Paper. b. plastic c. FDA-approved container d. something else
  5. Who should not receive medication to prevent DVTs? Vascular surgery, Eye surgery?


If your last name starts with C, G, I, J, or K

  1. When do you do the first closing count during a c-section? Bladder repair, closing the peritoneum, closing the uterus, closing skin.
  1. Why do we limit movement around the sterile field?
  2. What is the requirement for temperature, humidity, air changes and pressure in an OR according to AORN?
  3. What is the process for sterilizing two basins nested together? 
  4. What action does the perioperative nurse take when the patient’s guardian says the patient has alcoholism?


If your last name starts with S, L, N, O, or P

  1. What nerve is at risk when you abduct the arm greater than 90 degrees?
  2. You’re monitoring the patient during a local case with moderate sedation. What do you do if the patient’s blood pressure drops?
  3. What is Trigeminal Nerve Block and what is it used for?
  4. What should patients undergoing ear surgery be warned against doing postoperatively? 1. Drink with a straw 2. Cough. 3. Gargle with salt water
  5. A very obese patient in supine position during surgery is at risk for what?   


If your last name starts with H, Q, R, T, or U

  1. Nerves to be careful of during arthroscopy? 
  2. What is the spore used as a biological indicator for Dry Heat sterilization?    
  3. Why is a soybean allergy significant in a surgical patient?
  4. Define beneficence?
  5. New ESU device. What is important? Train staff on new equipment, have rep available for support, clinical staff input not required, procedure regarding usage written.


If your last name starts with M, V, W, X, Y, or Z

  1. What would delay prostate surgery? pt was given warfarin the morning of surgery, foley insertion, pt was given low molecular weight he what would delay a prostate surgery? pt was given warfarin the morning of surgery, foley insertion, pt was given low molecular weight heparin?
  2. What sterilization would be used for a heat or moisture sensitive item? 
  3. What kind of law relates to harm or wrongdoing to a person?
  4. What are the effects of methyl methacrylate on the patient? What does anesthesia anticipate?

An emergent case involves needing to IUSS an implant. The periop nurse knows that: A biologic needs to be run w every implant load, a chemical indicator is sufficient, tell the surgeon he cannot have the implant until sterile processing comes in at 7am an

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