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Thanks Sharon

1. What does a Bowie What Dick test do?
Class 2 chemical indicator used in a prevacuum sterilizer to test the efficacy of the air removal cycle. Test is performed daily to ensure that air vacuum pump is functioning properly. B&K Page 312


2. What is Virchow’s Triad?
Three elements that trigger venous thrombosis. Endothelial injury, venostasis and hypercoagulability. Alexanders 16th page 6292


3. What is the definition of Evidence Based Practice (EBP)?
Patient care decisions on scientifically sound evidence rather than the opinion of healthcare providers are known as evidence base practice. Alexanders 16th page 75


4. What electrolytes are affected by the parathyroid?
Calcium Alexander’s 16th edition page 1647

Calcium and phosphorus. Correct. I think you need to remember calcium for the exam

5. What is the reversal for Versed (Midazolam)?

The reversal is Flumazenil (Romanzicon) Wendy Zander page 117 slide 2


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