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Thank you J.A.!

1) What is the incision site for an appendectomy? What are early s/s of MH?
Mc Burney’s incision. The early signs of MH include increase end tidal CO2, increase HR, increase BP, increase RR, and muscle rigidity.

Both answers are correct

2)What does hypothermia in the PACU do to the patient’s Post-op V/S?  Post Op hypothermia is a temp of less than 96.8 (36C).   O2 consumption will increase and can be dangerous for patients with cardiac problems, that may also lead to MI. It will cause ischemia and acidosis. It will cause CNS depression and prolonged elimination of muscle relaxants/anesthesia. (Alexander’s 16th Ed)

Correct. It slows everything down.

3) Spaulding classification for bronchoscope? Semi-Critical ( Alexander’s 16th Ed)


4)If your patient is hypoventilating what would you expect the pH and CO2 to look like on the ABG? Respiratory Acidosis,low pH, high CO2.

Right. Respiratory Acidosis

5)Prepping an ear for Otoplasty, what prep do you use? A. Povidone Iodine B. CHG C. Hydrogen peroxide.    A. Povidone Iodine



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