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Hi Tania. Thank you for the answers.

1. How is a cytology specimen sent to pathology?
A cytology specimen is sent to the lab on a Clean container cup, no formalin added. Label the specimen.


2.What are the early s/s of LAST?
agitation, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, dysphoria, auditory changes, tinnitus, perioral numbness, metallic taste.,%2C%20metallic%20taste%2C%20and%20dysarthria.

Right. The perioral numbness, metallic taste are definitely mentioned by people who tell me about this question.

3.If somebody is on Droplet precautions, would Standard Precautions still apply?yes..😊



4.There is a gross spillage of bowel contents during a colon resection. What is the wound class. The word, not the number

If the spill happens during surgery it’s contaminated (class 3). I think that’s what this question is looking for. However, if we opened the patient to find bowel contents in the peritoneum already there, that’s infected (class 4)

5. What are the positioning risk factors for a thoracotomy?
Pressure ulcers prevention, nerve injury prevention.

Brachial plexus and Peroneal nerves are most at risk.

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