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  1. I couldn’t find supraphrenic cyst- but subphrenic is inferior to diaphragm and superior to liver so Supra would be above. If it’s a cyst or abcess it’s Regular Turnover.  With Standard Precautions. (From Zander slides)
  2. Disaster drills are done twice a year. (Zander module on Trauma)
  3. the obturator is kept at the bed in case the cannula becomes dislodged and needs to be reinserted.
    4.  Endoscopes are stored in a drying cabinet.  (Zander Sterile Processing module.
  4. Number 5. 1%Lido 4-5mg/kg/day with epi 7mg/kg/day. Bupivacaine w/epi is the longest acting for post op. (Zander Safe Admin of Anesthesia module)

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