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Thank you Yasuko,

1, A supraphrenic cyst is found intraop. How do you clean the room after surgery?

Regular turnover

Correct. This is not a communicable disease so regular turn over cleaning is adequate.

2, How often are disaster drills done?

Twice a year

Right. Disaster drills are held at least twice a year to test plans deletions by the committee, to improve and familiarize personnel with them. You can find that in Berry & Kohn’s Operating Room Technique page 85

3, Why does the obturator go with the trach patient after surgery to the post op unit?


They’re going to need it to change their trach. It stays with the patient.

4, Where are endoscopes stored?

Positive airflow pressure room Dry cabinet storage with HEPA

Here are a few snips from the 2023 Guidelines:

5, 68 y.o. male healthy patient at outpatient surgery center getting herniorrhaphy, periop nurse should expect which local to be for post-op management (1% lido, bupivacaine with epi 0.5%, mepivacaine 1% with epi, etc.)

Lidocaine 1% with epi

Here’s my thinking on this one. We know we’re going to use Epinephrine for post op pain control. Now, Bupivacaine is longer acting Than lidocaine and I believe mepivacaine is used more for nerve blocks. I would choose Bupivicaine with epi. Read Alexander’s pg 282 for more information. Read this question carefully. I want there to be some hint about choosing a longer acting medication.

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