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Yasuko Katagiri

1, A supraphrenic cyst is found intraop. How do you clean the room after surgery?
2, How often are disaster drills done?
3, Why does the obturator go with the trach patient after surgery to the post op unit?
4, Where are endoscopes stored?
5, 68 y.o. male healthy patient at outpatient surgery center getting herniorrhaphy, periop nurse should expect which local to be for post-op management (1% lido, bupivacaine with epi 0.5%, mepivacaine 1% with epi, etc.)

Answers:  1, Regular turnover   2, Twice a year   3, ?  4,Positive airflow pressure room Dry cabinet storage with HEPA  5,  Lidocaine 1% with epi

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