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Hilda Munoz

1.What part of the gown is considered sterile?

The front of a sterile gown forms the chest to the level of the sterile field and the gowns sleeves from the cuff to 2 inches above the elbow, circumferentially (AORN 2023, pg.1022).

2.What does anesthesia need for Nissan Fundoplication? A. Bougie, B. McGill forceps C. Nasal airway?

Answer: A =Bougie (Remember it being discussed by Wendy  in video).

3.Can patient hand off communication be faxed?

According to AORN, it states to “Establish and  implement a standardized process  for the transfer of patient information between  individuals and team.” This standardized handover process helps to identify risks during the peri-op phases so the team can take action to minimize threats to the patients safety (AORN 2023, pg.1161). It doesn’t necessarily state it must be done in person though.

4.The anesthesiologist has inserted a subclavian central line and an arterial line. The patient starts having increased work in breathing and decreased oxygen saturation. What likely happened to the patient? (MI, pneumothorax, something else X2).

Pneumothorax (PubMed/NIH). It states that subclavian vein insertion has been reported to have a higher incidence of pneumothorax.

5.What packaging is used with Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers?
Use only packaging and container materials designed and validated by the packaging manufacturer to withstand the high temperatures of dry-heat sterilization (ARON 2023, pg.1073). Also states to use closed containers , to use small containers (when possible) and to keep package low density.

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