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Leah Pubillones

How is a cytology specimen sent to pathology?

In Berry & Kohn’s (pg 387), Cytology is listed as a fluid test. You send it fresh or in a solution of the pathologist’s choice. Cell washings & Urine are the given examples.

What are the early s/s of LAST?

Locals, other than Bupivacaine, can cause hypotension, convulsions, and tachycardia (if epi is present in the local) when injected into the vascular system. Bupivacaine is associated with cardiac arrest. (Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery pg. 459)

If somebody is on Droplet precautions, would Standard Precautions still apply?

Standard precautions apply to every patient in the facility. A patient on droplet precautions is in a private room when possible, and caregivers wear a mask when within 3 ft of the pt. If transport is necessary, the pt wears the mask. (Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery pg. 265)

There is a gross spillage of bowel contents during a colon resection. What is the wound class? The word, not the number.

This is a contaminated wound. Fresh spillage of an accidental wound (Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery pg. 822)

What are the positioning risk factors for a thoracotomy? 

Pressure injuries are a major consideration. The lateral position requires pillows between the knees, gel roll under the axilla, double arm board, and the bean bag. The lateral position is also restrictive to the cardiopulmonary system (Berry & Kohn’s pg 506).

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