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Thank you Julie!

1. What part of the gown is considered sterile?

Gowns are sterile in the front from mid-chest level to the level of the sterile field … The gowns are sterile from two inches above the elbow to the cuff seam. (Standards of Practice for Gowning and Gloving)


2. What does anesthesia need for Nissan Fundoplication? A. Bougie, B. McGill forceps C. Nasal airway?

A. Bougie (Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery 16 th ed. p 316)


3. Can patient hand off communication be faxed?

No. The purpose of hand -off communication and reports is to provide essential, up-to-date, and specific information about the patient. Standardized hand-off communication must include an opportunity to ask and respond to questions (Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery 16 th ed. p 22)

I’ve worked for a hospital that routinely faxed report to the receiving unit. There was a place on the top of the fax for the name and phone number of the nurse who was sending the patient. I never could find anything that says that faxing a report was recommended but I’ve never found anything that says it has to be in person either.

4. The anesthesiologist has inserted a subclavian central line and an arterial line. The patient starts having increased work in breathing and decreased oxygen saturation. What likely happened to the patient? (MI, pneumothorax, something else X2).

Subclavian line placement may be associated with pneumothorax, chylothorax, pneumomediastinum, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury, tracheal injury, and air embolism. [9] Pneumothorax or pneumomediastinum occurs in about one percent of cases.

Right. Pneumothorax is what we should remember for the exam.

5. What packaging is used with Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers?
As we use Ethylene Oxide method for heat and moisture sensitive items, in my opinion the package is supposed to be heat and moisture resistant. From previous lessons I remembered probably in the exam it will be answer WOVEN material.

You’re right. 🙂

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