Classes Near You

Live Virtual Classes

What are the differences between Live classes, Live Virtual Classes and On Demand? What is right for me??

The "classes near you" are on location classes in a brick and mortar classroom. You get a printed workbook and up to 120 days access to a recording of the information. As with all of our classes you get a live coach  to help you whenever you need it. Just call or email.


A couple times a month we bring a camera with us and sit it at one of the desks. The "Live virtual classes" are a live video stream usually from one of our brick and mortar classes. There will be a chat box for you to ask questions just like anyone else in class. The printed workbook is shipped to your home so you’ll have the same materials as those in the classroom too. You get a total of 120 days access to the recorded information and as always the live coach as you prepare.


The On Demand class (coming soon for CAPA-CPAN, CRCST, and CST courses)  are a series of recorded videos with an online practice test after each session. Because it’s a 100% online environment you can begin immediately. It’s the exact same information as what we present live but there’s nothing printed and you have 60 days or 120 days to access AND complete the course (depending on the option you choose) to receive your certificate. You will receive access to download and print your own notes pages, be aware It is a large file (approx 113 pages).

Important - you must complete the course and evaluation within the specified time to receive your certificate and Contact Hours

You have to take the course in order the first time through but then, once you do that, you can go back and review wherever you like (basically you can go back but you can't skip ahead). Because there’s no materials to print and ship we can charge less.  Of course you still have access to a live coach  if you have any questions.

Why should you take this course to prepare for the CST exam?

We have taken our already successful CST course and  reworked it to ensure that you will be receiving the very latest in standards of practice and methods to improve patient outcomes in your OR.

Experience Shows!

We developed this course to help Surgical Technologists just like you become certified. The course was created by the educator for surgical technologists and sterile processing techs at a large teaching hospital. A busy level I trauma center with a thriving heart program and children’s hospital provided an abundance of real world experience. Born from the reality of a busy surgical department, this CST prep course has developed and strengthened into one of the most comprehensive study programs available.

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