The CNOR Course

This is a two day seminar designed to prepare the perioperative nurse to take the CNOR exam. It is a broad, comprehensive review of preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative considerations for the surgical patient.


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Day 1 Agenda with Objectives

Test Taking Strategies

  • Apply test taking strategies for multiple choice exams
  • Develop a personal study plan

Sterile Surgical Environment

  • Describe the preparation of the sterile supplies for use in surgery
  • Identify measures taken by the perioperative nurse to maintain sterility of the surgical field
  • Identify measures taken by the perioperative nurse to maintain the integrity of the operative suite


  • Describe various considerations when preparing a patient for anesthesia
  • Relate possible side effects and complications of anesthesia agents
  • Define the perioperative nurse’s role supporting safe anesthesia administration

Day 2 Agenda with Objectives

 Emergencies and Complications

  •  Identify the nurse’s role in caring for the patient with surgical emergencies
  • Identify the nurse’s role caring for the patient experiencing surgical complications
  • Summarize the nurses role in caring for trauma patients

Patient Safety

  • Identify the nurse’s role as a patient advocate during surgery

Professional Responsibility

  • Describe how the perioperative nurse maintains regulatory compliance for patient safety as a nursing professional.
  • Identify the perioperative nurse’s role in maintaining legal integrity during surgery.

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