New assignments will be posted every Tuesday and the discussion will continue through Monday. Every Tuesday the previous week’s discussion thread will close and the discussion will move to the new assignment.


Video Summary

Your assignments this week are as follows. Do your assignments and post the answers in the forum. Remember to cite your source.

At the end of the week, I’ll post a video summary.  


If your last name starts with B, A, D, E, or F

  1. Where on the leg should the tourniquet be placed for a total knee procedure?
  2. What is event related Sterility?
  3. The pH, CO2, and Bicarb are all elevated, what is the interpretation?
  4. What kind of cleaning is needed after a patient with gas gangrene leaves the OR?
  5. A burn patient with heavy scarring over much of the body. What kind of electrocautery would be the best option?


If your last name starts with C, G, I, J, or K

  1. What is the initial dose of Dantrolene given during a Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis?
  1. What type of container do you place the bullet into after removal from the patient?
  2. What is the spore used for a biological indicator for Dry Heat sterilization?
  3. What is a Bowie Dick test used to determine? 
  4. When you sign as witness on a consent form, what are you actually witnessing?


If your last name starts with S, L, N, O, or P

  1. What muscle(s) are/is innervated by the obturator nerve?
  2. What kind of cleaning agent is used to clean the OR after a patient with (CJD)?
  3. What is the temperature range for an OR suite? 
  4. Which patient is most susceptible to heat loss? Toddler, elderly, Adult?
  5. Explain the difference between PE and CHF.   


If your last name starts with H, Q, R, T, or U

  1. What kind of spore is in a biological indicator used for testing a steam sterilizer? 
  2. What cleaning is required for a cystoscope? high level disinfection, intermediate level disinfection, sterilization, low level disinfection?    
  3. What class is indicator tape?
  4. After a Class IV wound, what are the cleaning procedures for the OR? Septic cleaning of the OR, tell the staff to use gloves before they touch anything in the room, or regular OR cleanup?
  5. Why does the PAT nurse instruct the patient not to take her herbal supplement Ginkgo for the two weeks leading up to surgery?


If your last name starts with M, V, W, X, Y, or Z

  1. What is the Bipolar current pathway?
  2. What type of hernia is found inside Hesselbach’s triangle? 
  3. Pt has dementia, opioid pain meds were given by a nurse an hour ago, no consent was signed, as a perioperative nurse who should you contact first?  OR manager, pt family, surgeon, or risk manager?
  4. A woman who is getting a parathyroidectomy is complaining of being very emotional, very fatigued, and skeletal issues, possible reasons? Hematocrit and Hemoglobin or serum calcium and phosphate
  5. What is the normal range for Calcium?

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